Educational Programs

The following programs are a sampling of the educational opportunities offered at the Museums. These programs are available for individual classes, not to exceed 35 students, and are available by reservation only.

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please call the education office at 410-727-1539, ext. 3030.

  • Designing a Sports Jersey: Grades K-6: Students will discuss what goes into designing a uniform and what makes one uniform unique from another. As a follow-up to the lesson, each student will design their own jersey.

  • Discovering a Diamond in the Stuff: Grades 4-8: Using a Venn diagram, students will compare and contrast sports figures, concepts, and specific sports vocabulary words. Museum guides will introduce “diamonte” poetry and assist students in completing their own poem, using the Venn diagram as a guide.

  • Teamwork on Paper: Grades 6-12: Working as a team, students will be given the opportunity to complete a sports story using sports vocabulary, ideas and themes found throughout the Museum. Each team will be given “four quarters” to finish their stories.

  • Who, When and Where in Maryland: Grades 1-6: Students will investigate Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards and search for answers to various questions provided at the beginning of the tour. Students will work in teams to complete their assignments.

  • And What a Time it Was: Grades 1-6: This program investigates significant dates in the history of sports and how those dates relate to American, Maryland and Baltimore history and economics.

  • A Picture’s Worth a Play on Words: Grades 4-12: Each student will be given a sports photo and will be asked to provide a short story about the events as well as a caption for the photo. Students will be encouraged to use brief but unique captions for the photos.

  • Sports Stories and Styles: Grades 8-12: By using two newspapers articles, students will examine a specific sporting event as it is reported from different perspectives. Students will be given the opportunity to compare sports writers’ styles and discuss why certain “slants” to a story are written.