The ball rests in a small case, all by itself, surrounded by a large graphic depicting the last Orioles game ever at Memorial Stadium, October 6, 1991. The horsehide, red-stitched icon was used to record the final enemy out –ever- … Continue reading

Babe Ruth: 63 Years and Counting

How serendipitous that Jim Thome would become the eighth player in Major League history to hit 600 career home runs the day before the 63rd anniversary of Babe Ruth’s death. Most articles detailing the event alluded to the fact that … Continue reading

Brooks Robinson, Mister Oriole

This week a fair amount of attention has been focused on the Brooks Robinson statue, which is scheduled to be unveiled on October 22nd in the plaza between Russell Street and Washington Boulevard, just northwest of Oriole Park. The project … Continue reading

Wanting Something Good

We are in a drought.  I’m not referring to the 100+ degrees outside…I’m referring to the shortage of news worthy of a smile.  We have a looming debt crisis in Washington and total gridlock from our elected officials.  We have … Continue reading

What Goes Around

About a year ago, when shortstop Derek Jeter passed Babe Ruth on the Yankees all-time hits list, the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum forwarded a request through the Yanks’ public relations office asking that Jeter consider donating something from that … Continue reading

The Long Goodbye

Nancy Reagan referred to it as “the long goodbye,” the slow deterioration of President Reagan’s mind to Alzheimer’s disease.  Sylvia Mackey knows it, too.  For ten years she has shared her husband’s battle with frontotemporal dementia.  That battle came to … Continue reading

John Mackey

The Baltimore Colts were the premiere team in the National Football League from 1957 through 1971, winning more games than any other franchise during that era. But they were great not just because they won the most games. It was … Continue reading

Interleague Play

Last Friday night I had tickets to the Orioles-Reds game at Camden Yards. As I walked to the park a few minutes before game time with my buddy, Ed, you couldn’t help but notice a different kind of buzz spurring … Continue reading

Making Sports Heritage Pay

It always surprises me to see how one city capitalizes on its sports heritage and another does not.  Take the case of Montreal, Quebec and Lake Placid, New York.  Located only 100 miles apart the two cities share a common … Continue reading